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  • 18-Jul-2024

Lift Price in Bangladesh - Comprehensive Guide for 2024


Lift Price in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

In today's fast-paced urban landscape, lifts (elevators) have become indispensable in both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you're constructing a high-rise apartment complex, a commercial office building, or simply upgrading a home, understanding lift prices in Bangladesh is crucial. This guide will delve into the various aspects that influence lift prices, the types of lifts available, and tips on making the best purchase decision.


Types of Lifts Available in Bangladesh

Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts are the most common type of lifts, designed to carry people between floors efficiently. They vary in capacity, speed, and technological features, making them suitable for different building types.

Freight Lifts

Freight lifts are used to transport goods rather than people. They are essential in warehouses, factories, and shopping centers, designed to handle heavy loads and larger spaces.

Service Lifts

Service lifts, often found in hotels and restaurants, are smaller lifts used to move items such as food, laundry, and supplies between floors. They prioritize utility and space efficiency.

Hospital Lifts

Hospital lifts are specialized for medical environments, designed to carry patients on stretchers, medical staff, and equipment. They often have features like smooth operation and antimicrobial surfaces.

Home Lifts

Home lifts are smaller, residential elevators that add convenience and accessibility to multi-story homes. They can be customized to fit the aesthetic of a home and are typically more compact.

Factors Influencing Lift Prices

Brand Reputation

Well-known brands like Otis, Schindler, and KONE are trusted for their quality and reliability, but they often come at a premium price. Local brands may offer more affordable options.

Load Capacity

Lifts with higher load capacities are generally more expensive due to the additional materials and engineering required to ensure safety and functionality.

Speed and Efficiency

Faster lifts with higher operational efficiency tend to be more costly, as they incorporate advanced technology and engineering.

Technological Features

Lifts with smart features, such as touchless operation, energy-efficient systems, and advanced safety mechanisms, command higher prices.

Installation and Maintenance

The cost of installing a lift and ongoing maintenance services can significantly impact the total investment. It's important to consider these factors in the overall budget.

Price Range for Different Types of Lifts

Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts can range from BDT 15 lakh to BDT 50 lakh, depending on capacity, speed, and features.

Freight Lifts

Freight lifts generally cost between BDT 20 lakh and BDT 60 lakh, reflecting their heavy-duty design and load capacity.

Service Lifts

Service lifts are more affordable, typically costing between BDT 10 lakh and BDT 25 lakh, depending on size and utility.

Hospital Lifts

Hospital lifts are specialized and can range from BDT 25 lakh to BDT 70 lakh, including necessary medical features.

Home Lifts

Home lifts vary widely in price, from BDT 15 lakh to BDT 40 lakh, based on customization and installation specifics.


How to Choose the Right Lift for Your Needs

Assessing Building Requirements

Understanding the specific needs of your building, such as the number of floors, expected traffic, and space constraints, is the first step in selecting the right lift.

Considering Future Growth

Anticipate future growth and potential increases in building occupancy. Choose a lift that can accommodate increased usage without compromising performance.

Energy Efficiency

Opt for energy-efficient models to reduce long-term operational costs. Look for lifts with energy-saving features and certifications.

Safety Features

Prioritize lifts with robust safety features, such as emergency brakes, backup power, and fire-resistant materials, to ensure the well-being of users.


The Impact of Technology on Lift Prices

Smart Lifts

Smart lifts equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology offer advanced functionalities like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and touchless controls.

Energy-efficient Models

Lifts designed for energy efficiency use less power, reducing environmental impact and operating costs. These models may have regenerative drives and LED lighting.

Advanced Safety Systems

Modern lifts incorporate advanced safety systems, including real-time diagnostics and emergency communication systems, enhancing user safety and convenience.

Buying Tips and Best Practices

Research and Compare

Do thorough research and compare different brands and models. Look for customer reviews and expert opinions to make an informed decision.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult with industry professionals to understand the technical specifications and requirements of different lift options.

Check for Warranties

Ensure the lift comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers parts and labor. This can save you significant costs in case of malfunctions or defects.

Understand the Total Cost of Ownership

Consider all costs, including purchase, installation, maintenance, and energy consumption, to understand the total cost of ownership over the lift's lifespan.

Installation Process and Considerations

Site Preparation

Prepare the site according to the lift's specifications, ensuring adequate space and structural support.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Comply with local regulations and safety standards for lift installations. Obtain necessary permits and inspections to ensure legality and safety.

Choosing a Reliable Installer

Select a reputable installer with a proven track record. Experienced installers ensure proper setup and reduce the risk of future issues.


In conclusion, understanding the various factors that influence lift prices in Bangladesh can help you make an informed decision. From the type of lift to the brand, technological features, and long-term maintenance costs, each aspect plays a crucial role in the overall investment. By considering your specific needs, researching thoroughly, and consulting professionals, you can choose the best lift solution for your building.



What is the average price of a passenger lift in Bangladesh?

The average price of a passenger lift in Bangladesh ranges from BDT 15 lakh to BDT 50 lakh, depending on capacity and features.

How often should a lift be serviced?

Lifts should be serviced at least once a year, with more frequent checks for high-usage lifts to ensure safety and reliability.

Can lifts be customized according to specific building requirements?

Yes, many lift manufacturers offer customization options to meet the specific needs and aesthetics of different buildings.


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