TAHSINKO® Is The Best Escalator Company in Bangladesh

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  • 18-Jul-2024

TAHSINKO® Is The Best Escalator Company in Bangladesh


TAHSINKO® Is The Best Escalator Company in Bangladesh

The escalator industry in Bangladesh has seen tremendous growth over the past few decades. With the rise of urban development and modern infrastructure, the demand for reliable and efficient escalators has never been higher. Among the companies that have emerged in this space, TAHSINKO® stands out as the best escalator company in Bangladesh. But what makes TAHSINKO® so special? Let's dive into the details.

Why Choose TAHSINKO®?

Reputation and Reliability

TAHSINKO® has built a solid reputation over the years, known for its reliability and high-quality products. When you choose TAHSINKO®, you are selecting a company that has consistently delivered exceptional results, earning the trust of clients across the country.

Innovative Technology

Innovation is at the heart of TAHSINKO®'s operations. The company invests heavily in research and development to bring the latest technological advancements to their escalators. This ensures that their products are not only efficient but also future-proof.

History of TAHSINKO®

Growth and Development

Over the years, TAHSINKO® has grown from a small startup to a leading player in the industry. This growth has been fueled by continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Key Milestones

From securing major contracts to launching cutting-edge products, TAHSINKO® has achieved numerous milestones. These accomplishments have cemented its position as the go-to escalator company in Bangladesh.

Product Range

Types of Escalators

TAHSINKO® offers a wide range of escalators to suit different needs and environments. Whether it's for a shopping mall, airport, or office building, they have the perfect solution.

Customization Options

Understanding that no two projects are the same, TAHSINKO® provides customization options to meet specific requirements. This includes everything from design elements to functional features.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for TAHSINKO®. Their escalators are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of users. This includes emergency stop buttons, handrail sensors, and anti-slip steps.

Technological Innovations

Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, energy efficiency is crucial. TAHSINKO®'s escalators are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Smart Escalators

Embracing the digital age, TAHSINKO® offers smart escalators with features like real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnostics. These innovations help in maintaining optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

Maintenance and Monitoring

TAHSINKO®'s escalators come with sophisticated monitoring systems that track performance and detect issues early. This proactive approach ensures longevity and reliability.


Customer Testimonials

Stories from Satisfied Customers

The best way to gauge a company's performance is through its customers. TAHSINKO® has numerous testimonials from satisfied clients who vouch for their exceptional service and high-quality products.

Case Studies of Major Projects

From large-scale commercial projects to bespoke residential installations, TAHSINKO® has a portfolio of successful case studies that highlight their expertise and capabilities.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service

Regular Maintenance Plans

TAHSINKO®® offers comprehensive maintenance plans to keep their escalators in top condition. Regular maintenance checks help in preventing issues and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

Emergency Services

In the event of an emergency, TAHSINKO®® provides prompt and efficient services to address any issues. Their team is always ready to respond to ensure minimal disruption.

Customer Support

TAHSINKO®® customer support team is always available to assist with any queries or concerns. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their prompt and helpful responses.


Comparative Analysis

TAHSINKO®® vs. Competitors

When compared to its competitors, TAHSINKO®® consistently comes out on top. Their combination of quality, innovation, and customer service sets them apart in the industry.

Market Positioning

TAHSINKO®® strategic market positioning has allowed them to capture a significant share of the market. Their reputation as the best escalator company in Bangladesh is well-earned and widely recognized.


In conclusion, TAHSINKO®® stands out as the best escalator company in Bangladesh due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their impressive track record, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, ensures that they remain at the forefront of the industry. Whether you are looking for reliable escalators for a commercial project or need a customized solution for a unique requirement, TAHSINKO®® is the company to trust.


What makes TAHSINKO®® the best escalator company in Bangladesh?
TAHSINKO®® is renowned for its high-quality products, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service, making it the best escalator company in Bangladesh.

How does TAHSINKO®® ensure the safety of its escalators?
TAHSINKO®® adheres to international safety standards, provides rigorous training for its technicians, and incorporates advanced safety features in their escalators.

What kind of after-sales services does TAHSINKO®® offer?
TAHSINKO®® offers comprehensive maintenance plans, emergency services, and a dedicated customer support team to ensure their escalators operate smoothly.

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